Medical Tents & Testing Booths

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Medical Tents/Testing Booths have many vital roles to play – currently indispensable in controlling testing environments

Why is our medical tent key to today’s situation? The current main concern all over the world is that hospitals and clinics will no longer be able to cope with the high number of patients being received and as a result, the health system may collapse.

The medical tent/testing booth allows field staff to conduct testing in rural areas where mandatory testing is required, but where there may not be accessible to clinic or other testing facilities.


What’s the role of Display Manias’ medical tents?

Medical tents and testing booths are set up in front of numerous hospitals and in areas where testing needs to be conducted. These tents help prevent transmissions and helps maintain a controlled and clean hospital or medical testing environment! So, our medical tents are currently used as mobile hospital buildings and mobile testing stations.

Windows and doors: Providing privacy and protecting patients against prying eyes is a special concern of Display Mania. Therefore, the medical tent’s windows are equipped with an opaque cover.  They also have a front door opening and can be closed easily by means of a zip fastener

Pop-up medical tents

Set up within minutes is crucial. Our complete pop-up medical tents include 3 x sidewalls, 2 x walls have window and 1 x wall has a front door with zip opening they are ready for use within 10 minutes. Neither tools nor electricity is required to assemble and dismantle the pop-up medical tents and testing booths.

The pop-up medical tents are true all-rounders serving as a shelter when rescuing injured persons during accidents, in the event of natural catastrophes, firefighting missions, police operations and people screening

Additional information

Weight26.5 kg

We offer either branded or unbranded options


3 x 3m


We offer both steel and aluminium frames to suite any budget

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