H-stands are often seen as the bigger brother to lollipop stands, which are smaller and more slender. The Snapit Snap Frame h-stand from Display Mania is a portable branding unit with freestanding legs and single or double-sided snap frames for your posters.

This type of freestanding display unit gives companies looking for maximum portable branding the opportunity to maximise brand exposure due to its larger stand and poster size with the option for double-sided custom-branded posters. Our h-stands can easily move to new locations within a set location. They can also very easily be transported to new locations thanks to their quick set-up and take-down times.

Why use a h-stand?

Freestanding display units are very popular branding tools due to their ability to be moved and customised with artwork easily changed. Built on our flagship product, the Snapit Snap Frame, our h-stands are able to deliver a diverse branding experience in a wide range of locations.

When used as part of a wider branding strategy, h-stands stands can compliment your portable display stands to maximise brand exposure.

Where can a h-stand be used?

The snap frame h-stand is a very diverse branding unit that can be used in a wide variety of locations and use for many different kinds of events or gatherings.

You will see h-stands being used most often in the retail and exhibition environments where in-store promotions, programs and directions are inserted into the snap frames. Quite often sponsor branding is used if double sided h-stands are being used. You may also see these units at schools and sporting events – offering directions and/or menus.

What are the benefits of using h-stands?
  • Lightweight, durable and strong construction
  • A0 snapit snap frame size
  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, relocate and transport
  • UV protection for outdoor use or exposure to the elements
  • Cost-effective due to repetitive use


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Single or double sided H-Stand freestanding units, ideal for malls, foyers, in-store, casinos and supermarkets. Portable freestanding square tubing legs with Single or double sided snap frame or Snapit  frame. Supplied in standard sizes A0, A1, A2 or custom sizes or colours.

Display Mania also provides a fully customised option whereby clients can send in their requirements and sizes. Display Mania then makes the product to specifications and can ship anywhere in South Africa. Our design team is experienced and proficient and will be more than willing to assist you in any design-related needs you may have to get maximum exposure from your H-stand.


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