Expedite your banner stand setup time while adding lavish appeal with our newest display the EZ Tube Fabric Display Systerm! Customize a single-sided or double-sided dye-sublimated stretch fabric print. To assemble, secure the longest vertical poles onto the black steel base and screw poleS into screws that are fixed to the black base. Add the bottom horizontal support pole and secure. Snap on the remaining vertical poles, then top frame with the curved bar to complete. Tilt or lay down the display frame, pull the pillowcase graphic over the frame

The EZ TUBE fabric display banner stand is a portable lightweight tension fabric display. This specific banner type maximises the smallest foot print with a double sided print and extra height to maximise its visibility. It has been designed to replace the heavily used and outdated roller banner display. Its considerably more stable, a lot more portable and as previously mentioned makes the largest of impacts in the smallest of spaces.

The EZ Tube fabric display banner is extremely easy to assemble thanks to its pushrod aluminium framework and fabric graphic areas which features a heavy duty zipper to secure the graphic and remove wrinkles.

Tilt or lay down EZ Display system to swiftly drape with the pillowcase graphic and don’t forget all of our stretch tension fabric displays are washing machine friendly! So now you don’t need to worry about those accidental spills!

Media: Digitally dye sublimated fabric | Printing: Single or double sided print | Black base

EZ Tube size options

2300 x 610mm

2300 x 610mm EZ Tube Banner 

2300 x 1220mm

2300 x 1220mm EZ Banner

2300 x 1520mm

 2300 x 1520mm EZ Banner

Hardware comes stock supplied in a 2300mm height and 610mm, 1220mm, 1520mm width, supplied in a carry bag.

EZ Banner Hardware - bag

EZ Tube banner frame

1520mm Diameter – CIRCULAR EZ Tube banner system

Introducing the EZ Circle! Score big attention with this simple hoop frame covered in stunning custom graphics. Signature lightweight aluminum snap tubes connect together. Single- or double-sided fabric pillowcase graphic easily zips taut. Iron base provides stability. 

EZ Extend Display Graphic Package Includes:

  • (4) Curved Tubes
  • (2) Base Legs
  • (1) Base

CIRCULAR EZ Tube banner 


Expedite your banner stand setup time even further with our brand new Tension Fabric Display! The frame is made up with aluminium tubing and is very lightweight compared to similar products. Place several units side by side to create a larger graphic display. Choose between a single or double-sided dye-sub printed graphic. Tilt or lay down frame to put on the pillowcase graphic, then zip the bottom for a perfect fit!


Available in the following sizes


2000 X 800mm

2000 X 800mm tension fabric wall

2200 X 2400mm

2200 x 3000mm

2200 x 3000mm Banner Wall

2200 x 4500mm              

2200 x 4500mm Banner Wall


Banner Wall Hardwarefabric banner wall frameFabric banner wall small frame

Media: Digitally dye sublimated fabric | Printing: Single or double sided print | Black base

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